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Want beautiful, healthy lawn all year round?



Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services will maintain and repair your existing lawn or turf. With a Coochie cared for lawn, you’ll be the envy of the whole street!   Using our unique 6-in-1 liquid lawn treatment, tailored especially for your lawn, the Coochie Lawn Care Program provides you with a healthy, weed and grub free lawn all year round. Our service is easy, safe and convenient. All of our Coochie Lawn care technicians are fully insured and qualified to apply our specialised treatments, so you can rest assured that your lawn is being cared for by a trained professional.

We provide a free lawn assessment, with no call out fee and no obligation. Your Coochie lawn care representative can advise you on the best treatment for your lawn and provide you with tips and advice on how to keep your lawn looking great between treatments.




  • We first used Coochie Hydrogreen when we moved into our new house and the lawn was full of clover, winter grass and bindiis. In the space of only 5 months, the grass is now weed and pest free and thick and green.

  • We saw an advertisement for Coochie HydroGreen and thought it was worth a try. This was clearly the best decision we ever made as our lawns are now weed and grub free all year round.

  • Coochie comes on the dot every 2 months and our lawns always look fantastic with little effort from us. Visitors to our home and even people off the street often comment on the beautiful lawns.