Useful Tips

  • Try to alternate the direction of mowing to encourage the grass to grow upright and distribute wear and soil compaction.
  • Make sure that your mower is serviced and maintained appropriately and that the blades are kept sharp and well adjusted.


If you have any questions please check with your mower retail service outlet.

Mowing Frequency

Mowing frequency varies and is technically determined by the growth rate of the lawn not by a set date. Ideally during warm months, mowing should be done weekly, and during cool months fortnightly to 3 weekly.

Mowing Height

  • Cool Season Lawn grasses:  Approx 50-60mm For e.g. Fescue lawns & Kentucky Blue grass, or blends
  • Warm Season Lawn grasses: Approx 20-30mm For e.g. Couch – green & blue, Zoysia Buffalo Lawns – these lawns should not be mown below 40mm


If you allow the grass to become long it may become thatchy. Thatch (dead grass layer) will need to be removed, ask your Area Manager for further advice. During cooler months raise mowing height slightly.

Mowing requirements will vary depending on your lawn and soil type, please consult with your Area Manager for your lawns specific requirements.

Cool Season 50-60mm, Warm Season 20-30mm