Coochie HydroGreen | Testimonials


Warren Phillips – NSW
When we moved into our house in 2000 it was clear that our lawns were in need of help. Like most people we went to the Garden Shops and purchased lawn care products and then applied them as directed. It did not seem to matter what we did the weeds and grubs kept returning. It was becoming very frustrating as we wanted our lawns to look their best all year round. It took a few years before we decided that there must be a better way. We saw an advertisement for Coochie HydroGreen and thought it was worth a try. This was clearly the best decision we ever made as our lawns are now weed and grub free all year round. The service man arrives on the due day every 2 months and treats our lawn. There is never an issue and we are very happy customers. I can recommend this service to anyone who wants their lawn to look its best 12 months of the year.


Sue and Ken Armitage – QLD
We have had problems with our front lawn. Some bush weed had infected it.  A common reaction by friends and neighbours was “what have you done to the lawn?”

It was that bad that it looked like a re-turfing job. We contacted two operators around Caloundra and got some quotes. Far too costly for us. On the third try a garden operator suggested we contact Coochie and get an opinion. To our surprise Myles advised that with his treatment he would have our lawn back as good as the one next door (our neighbour has just had his lawn turfed) within 6 months and at a reasonable price.

Sue and myself have no hesitation in recommending  Myles from Coochie; we are delighted with the result. Now friends and neighbours comment how wonderful the lawn looks!

Many thanks to Coochie.


Jayne Eade – QLD
Our daughter Lucy got married on Tuesday and we held the reception at home and the grass looked absolutely fantastic in the photos. Please thank Nigel very much, everyone was raving about our ‘lovely green grass’ !


Eileen & David Wignall – ACT
Eight years ago when we moved into my old family home in Ainslie, my husband and I were small business owners with little time to concentrate on the garden, which we love very much and want it to look neat and tidy all the time.

In our previous home in Yass covering two blocks with a very extensive front lawn area and similar back we had the services of Coochie every 2 months to fertilise, weed control and soil condition. Our lawns  were always green, no weeds and looked amazing.

With a much smaller area to cover we decided that this was the way to go again. We  had turf laid front, back and nuture strip. We cut the lawn on the highest setting to retain moisture Coochie comes on the dot every 2 months and our lawns always look fantastic with little effort from us.

Visitors to our home and even people off the street often comment on the beautiful lawns.

Thank you Coochie!


Dan – Riverview NSW
We first used Coochie Hydrogreen when we moved into our new house and the lawn was full of clover, winter grass and bindiis. In the space of only 5 months, Stuart has improved the quality of our lawn dramatically. The grass is now weed and pest free and thick and green. In my opinion, weed control is the best part of the Coochie offering as I no longer waste time or money on buying and applying fertilising products from the hardware store. Stuart is friendly, open to questions and a very reliable tradesperson. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.


Liam – Lane Cove NSW
We have been happy customers of Coochie Hydrogreen Lane Cove for several years now. Our lawn has never looked better. The weeds have disappeared and the grass is green and lush. Stuart is knowledgeable, prompt and polite and is a pleasure to deal
with. We have referred him to family and friends who have all had the same positive results.


Sally – NSW

After laying new turf two months ago and becoming very concerned with how the grass now looks, I called Coochie yesterday to see if they could help. I got a call from Kegan yesterday afternoon and he visited first thing this morning. I accepted the quote on the spot and Kegan did the first treatment while he was still here
What prompt service! I can’t wait to see the results! I just wanted to say thank you so much for such quick assistance between first contact and first treatment, which was less than a day. Your company seems so well organised and Kegan was certainly very knowledgeable and explained everything well, and your prices are reasonable.