Frequenty Asked Questions


How much does a lawn service cost?

Coochie offers a free 10 Point lawn assessment & advice to determine the individual lawn’s needs. The cost of a service depends on lawn size & the type of problems the lawn has such as weeds, disease or grubs. Please call 1800 245 955 to arrange your free inspection.



How does Coochie save water, time and money?

Water: Coochie saves water by reducing your lawns watering requirements. We use approved water saving techniques, including wetting agents, soil conditioners & liquid fertilizers to ensure your property’s lawn is green & healthy.


Time & Money: No more buying, storing, mixing or applying expensive and messy fertilizers & other lawn care products. Coochie will supply and apply all necessary products and materials.


Reliability: Established in 1989, Coochie currently services over 12,000 customers regularly onĀ our Lawn Care Program & is Australia’s largest technical lawn care company.



Does Coochie HydroGreen mow lawns?

No, but your local Area Manager may be able to refer you to a reliable lawn mowing service.



How do I contact my local area manager?

Please contact our FREEcall 1800 245 955 & we will pass your details on.