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Lawn grubs can take over a whole lawn and decimate it within a couple of weeks so quick, professional lawn grub treatment is vital to saving your turf.

Are lawn pests a problem?

Pests and grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn, even before you realise they’re there. They are one of the most destructive lawn problems you may come across and without proper care and attention, lawn grubs can eat away at your beautiful, green, pride and joy before you know it.

Our Coochie HydroGreen program is proven to eliminate pests from armyworms to lawn ants, and we can keep them away for months. Over the counter pesticides often don’t cut it when it comes to a serious grub infestation which means it time to call the professionals.

Garden Pest Control Services

How we can help

Our commercial grade weed control service can treat common lawn weeds and prevent them from germinating and growing back each year.

Our fully trained and qualified lawn care technicians are able to identify any weed in your lawn and can provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective treatment to treat weeds in your lawn. If you’re also dealing with persistent pests, such as lawn pests, our technicians can recommend and apply effective lawn pest killer to help you achieve a healthy and thriving lawn.

What to look out for

Lawn grub is a name that covers a wide variety of creepy crawlies that invade your lawn. Scarab Grubs, Mealy bug, Army Worm and African Black Beetle are just a few of the lawn pests that we see in unprotected lawns each year.

Here’s some signs to look out for:

Brown patches in your lawn

Lawn grubs feed off the root system of your turf, this prevents all the nutrients in your soil getting to the turf leaf so brown patches in your lawn can indicate that grubs are present in your lawn. If you suspect a grub infestation, it’s important to address it promptly. Our team of experts can provide effective solutions, including professional lawn pest treatment and worm lawn treatment to eliminate grubs and restore the health of your lawn.

Spongy turf

If grubs have attacked your lawn’s root system the texture of your lawn will change, it may feel spongy or bouncy and you may even be able to peel or roll up large areas of affected turf.

Moth activity

When lawn grubs mature they turn into moths, these moths then lay eggs in your turf and the lawn grub life cycle starts all over again. If you see lots of moths hovering above your lawn it’s likely you will have lawn grubs.

Increased bird activity on your lawn

If birds pecking at your lawn a lot more lately it’s likely there’s some juicy grubs in your turf that they’re snacking on.

The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program not only treats existing lawn pests, it also provides your turf with protection to stop lawns grubs coming back.

Scarab grubs

Scarab grubs

Mealy bug

Mealy bug

Army Worms

Army Worms

African Black Beetle

African Black Beetle

Lawn Pest Treatment

Our pest care process

If you think you have a grub problem it’s important to act fast!

Our Lawn Care Program includes professional pesticide treatments applied specifically throughout the year help to break to the lawn grub life cycle, our service warranty means your lawn is in safe hands and will be protected year-round. For comprehensive protection against lawn grubs and other pests, consider our effective lawn pest control services.

Why choose Coochie?

Our professional lawn grub and pest control is the safest way to keep your lawn healthy throughout all seasons.

Our trained technicians apply the most effective products onto your turf to keep lawn grubs away without comprising on your soil health. Our treatments are safe for animals and pets, native wildlife and waterways. We undertake a free lawn assessment for you before beginning any treatment, this is an important step to understanding the condition of your lawn and making sure that we can treat any existing lawn grubs safely and effectively.

Our professional pesticide treatments are included as part of our Lawn Care Program which means our clients don’t have to worry about their lawn health as the warmer months approach and rest easy knowing their turf is protected.

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Whatever your problem, our treatment ensures your pest control problems will soon be over.

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