Lawn Disease Care Services

Coochie HydroGreen’s Lawn Care Program is the simplest way to keep lawn diseases at bay

Is your lawn unhealthy?

Due to the ever changing and unpredictable Australian climate, many Aussie lawns are susceptible to lawn diseases.

No matter if you are in a temperate climate of the south east of the country in Victoria, New South Wales or the ACT or the tropical climate of Far North Queensland, lawn disease can affect your lawn.

Lawn disease is common in lawns that are not carefully taken care of, often appearing due to an inconsistency in the watering, mowing, or nutrient level of your lawn. Disease can break out in your lawn for any reason, and to the DIY lawn carer it is not always easy to diagnose the root of the problem.

Lawn Disease Experts

How we can help

Coochie HydroGreen’s lawn care technicians are trained and certified on all thing’s turf.

Coochie HydroGreen’s Lawn Care Program is the simplest way to keep lawn diseases at bay, our local technicians can offer advice on mowing, watering and any other lawn care tasks you should complete to get the most out of our products.

What to look out for

There are many indicators of a disease riddled lawn, things such as a spongy surface, pale or patchy appearance, slower growth rates and lawn looking slimy or greasy. Although you may see a difference in your lawn, you may not know what the cause is.

Time is of the essence when dealing with lawn disease, as the longer it stays in your lawn, the more damage it can do. Often times resulting in returfing your lawn completely. This is where Coochie HydroGreen comes in; rather than spending time and money trialing various fungicides on your lawn, call your local Coochie HydroGreen operator for timely and professional service for lawn fungus treatment.

You’ll get quality service from technicians with the latest knowledge on how to treat and prevent lawn disease, as well as top of the line products and service. We can help you diagnose why your lawn is turning yellow, brown or is inconsistent in colour and treat lawn diseases such as:

  • Algae
  • Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • Antrhranose
  • Bipolaris
  • Brown Patch
  • Couch Decline
  • Couch Smut
  • Curvularia Leaf Spot
  • Dollar Spot
  • Downy Mildew
  • Drechslera
  • Fairy Ring
  • Fusarium Patch
  • Grey Leaf Spot
  • Black and White Helmo
  • Kikuyu Yellows
  • Leptospaerina Leaf Blight
  • Red Thread
  • Rolf’s Disease
  • Rust
  • Slime Mould
  • Spring Dead Spot
  • Take-All Patch
Brown Patch

Brown Patch

Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring

Grey Leaf Spot

Grey Leaf Spot

Lawn Disease Care

Our lawn care process

By utilising our commercial grade fungicide treatments, we will be able to quickly eradicate disease from your lawn.

All Coochie HydroGreen products are turf regulated and non-toxic, meaning they are safe for children and pets. Our spot lawn disease treatment will only target the areas of your lawn that are affected by disease, and when combined with our Lawn Care Program fertiliser mix, will help maintain your lawn safely and effectively.

Each and every Coochie HydroGreen lawn care technician is trained and qualified in the handling and application of lawn disease control chemicals, you can rest easy knowing your technician is the best in the business when it comes to professionally controlling diseases. Each Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program application includes monitoring your lawn and controlling any disease prior to it taking effect on your lawn.

Service Regions

Get in contact with your local lawn care technician and reach your lawn goals today.

There is no better way to prevent disease than by keeping a strong, healthy lawn.

Our Lawn Care Program, when combined with our professional lawn disease treatments is a sure-fire way to keep disease at bay year-round.

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