Lawn Diseases 101

Published : 03/05/2021

Fungal lawn infections are very uncommon in Australian residential lawns, but when they strike, they can be a huge challenge to get rid of. It is important to correctly identify and eradicate the infection quickly to avoid irreversible damage.

Some lawn types are more prone to fungal diseases, but no lawn is immune to them. The most common causes of fungal diseases are humidity, soil compaction, incompatible lawn types for your area, and poor lawn care habits.

Mowing too low, not often enough, over fertilizing, or use of incorrect fertilizer can all contribute to the development of fungal lawn diseases.

Often fungal diseases will have a visible effect on your lawn. Powdery coatings or discolouration on the blades of your grass, thinned out areas, or wet and slimy looking turf.

Treating fungal infections can be difficult if left too long, and the best method of treating fungal infections is prevention. Through the clearing of thatch, proper irrigation, and regular fertilizing and aeration, you shouldn’t ever have any issues with lawn infections.

If the above methods fail, you can remove fungal infections with fungicide. These can be quite expensive as the best method of treatment is to apply fungicide to your entire lawn. Our trained lawn care technicians can offer expert advice for treating and preventing fungal lawn infections, get in contact today to book a free 10-point assessment and quote!