4 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Christmas

Published : 12/01/2020

Its that time of year again, the shops have been filled with decorations seemingly overnight and your calendar is full to the brim with end of year celebrations. It might be your turn to host the family for Christmas lunch, so that means its also time to take care of any lawn troubles you may have.

The classic Aussie tradition of Christmas afternoon backyard cricket is something we look forward to all year, but its never much fun when your lawn is full of Bindii’s and brown, dead patches. Here are 4 tips to give your lawn the extra kick it needs to be looking its best by the time Santa arrives.

1 Automate Your Watering

Automating your watering now will help your lawn stay green and healthy throughout the summer months without any effort from you. Routine is key when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy, it will be looking greener and healthier by the day with a good watering routine. The best time to water is mid-morning as your lawn will have sufficient time to absorb the water before the hot midday sun arrives.

Timing your watering will also ensure you are complying with water restrictions and not over watering your lawn, which can bring more trouble than under watering. You can buy watering timers, some of which can connect to an app on your phone, from any good garden supply shop.

2 Mow Higher Than Usual

As the sun beats down on your lawn it is important to protect the root system and soil from drying out. The best way to do this is to set your mower to be between 3-5 cm, by leaving your lawn longer it will naturally shade its root systems and soil. You can also cut back on how often you mow, allowing your lawn to grow out a bit more than you would in cooler months to make sure you don’t mow it too short.

3 Fertilize Your Lawn

Now is the time to be feeding your lawn, grasses need to be fed while they are actively growing, during Summer a balanced, slow release feed is most effective. Mowing and watering your lawn is important for your lawn, but one of the most important and overlooked aspects of lawn care is fertilizing your lawn. As your lawn grows it absorbs nutrients within its soil, over time these nutrients will deplete so you’ll need to use fertilizer to keep your turf happy.

4 Book an Appointment With Your Local Coochie Technician

The most valuable tip we can offer is contacting your local technician, the results after just one Lawn Care Program treatment are impressive to say the least. Our lawn treatments are cost effective and fast acting. Continual treatment is ideal, but a one-off treatment can provide that kick needed to revitalise your lawn for Santa’s arrival.

Our technicians are lawn care experts and will be able to diagnose and treat any issues in your lawn. With only a few weeks left before the big day now is the time to book! Click here to get in contact with your local technician and gift yourself the best lawn on the block for Christmas.




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