5 Simple Summer Lawn Care Tips

Published : 11/27/2020

We have already entered the warmer months of the year in most of the country, but we haven’t reached the peak of the summer heat just yet. As the temperatures soar keeping your lawn looking lush becomes a bit of a battle. Here’s some tips to keep your lawn happy and healthy summer long!

  1. Knowing When to Water

The best time to water is in the morning, watering at this time allows for your soil to affectively absorb the water before the midday sun begins to evaporate it. Watering later in the afternoon means your lawn will have less time to photosynthesize and you’ll find your lawn isn’t making effective use of the water you are providing. Watering in the late afternoon or at night can also create a damp environment, enticing nasty lawn diseases and grubs, which will ultimately do more harm than good.

Water restrictions have already been put in place in some local councils, this makes keeping your garden green even more difficult. The soil moisture retainers and wetting agents that are included in the Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program give your lawn the basis it needs to grow to be healthy and resilient.


  1. Mowing

The warm summer weather and sunshine will encourage your lawn to grow at a faster pace than usual, to many homeowners this means mowing more often, but this may not be the best option. During the summer months we recommend allowing your grass to grow out longer than usual, aiming for a length of 3-5 centimeters. You can either continue mowing once a week or adjust your mower blade to a higher level to achieve this.

We find the best time to mow is mid-morning on days when you haven’t watered.


  1. Take Care of Lawn Grubs

If you are finding bald patches or birds pecking at your lawn, you could have a grub infestation. Lawn grubs love the warmer weather, and many Aussie homeowners find themselves struggling to get them under control throughout the warmer months. Control, removal and prevention of these bugs can be costly and dangerous for your garden and other animals living around you.

The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program includes year-round lawn pest control and prevention that is safe for the environment, pets and native wildlife.


  1. Managing Weeds

Just as your grass springs up in the warmer months, weeds thrive in sunshine and warm weather. Summer weeds to watch for include Dandelions, Cats-Ear, Capeweed and Bull thistles. Although some of these may look pretty, they can do long-term damage to your turf, which can be costly to replace. Many lawn care weeding products suggest avoiding treatment in warmer weather, our weed treatments can be expertly applied any time of year to keep those tricky weeds under control.


  1. Feeding your lawn

Mowing and watering your lawn is important for your lawn, but one of the most important and overlooked aspects of lawn care is fertilizing your lawn. As your lawn grows it absorbs nutrients within its soil, over time these nutrients will deplete so you’ll need to use fertilizer to keep your turf happy.

Grasses need to be fed while they are actively growing, during Summer a balanced, slow release feed is most effective. Your local technician can provide expert application of fertilizer any time of year. Our Lawn Care Program ensures fertilizers are applied at the right time of year to give you the best lawn results.


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