5 Symptoms of Couch Mites

Published : 02/14/2021

Lawn Mites are common in spring and summer and thrive in warm, dry climates. They are hard to identify without a microscope or magnifying glass but can cause huge damage to your lawn if not taken care of quickly.

Couch mites have a 10–14-day lifecycle, meaning that multiple generations of Couch Mite can eat away at your lawn over a season. This rapid life cycle allows Couch Mites to quickly reproduce and multiply from a small colony into a huge army set on destroying your lawn.

When it comes to a lawn mite infestation, quick identification is key. Some key symptoms of lawn mites are:

Tufted Growth - You may start to see your lawn growing in tufted patterns which are sometimes referred to as witches’ broom.

Slow Growth- your lawn may begin to grow slower than it usually does.

Uneven Growth – or your lawn may begin to grow unevenly.

Yellow Appearance – yellowing lawn could indicate lawn mites or poor lawn care habits.

Webbing Appearance – and a webbing appearance is a huge give away of couch mites.

Any time your lawn is growing differently to usual, it may be an indication of lawn mites, contacting a local lawn care technician can help identify if this is the cause. Our Lawn Care Program will provide the application of reactive and preventative treatments to keep Lawn Mites at bay! Get in contact today to find out more!

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