6 Lawn Care Tips for Winter!

Published : 05/21/2021

In many other countries, winter is when lawn care takes a break, for Australian’s this is not the case. Australian lawn owners truly have their work cut out for them during this season. Due to the comparably warm temperatures year-round, with the majority of Australia experiencing a mild winter, lawn care is essential year-round.

It may be tempting to stop lawn care due to the slowed growth and lack lustre look of your lawn, but if you put in the hard work this winter you can have your lawn looking as lush and green as ever! Follow these 5 tips to have your lawn looking the best it can this winter!


  1. Mow higher

During winter set your mower blade to be around 3-3.5 cm, and never cut lower than 2.5cm. repeated scalping will weaken your lawn and make it more vulnerable to diseases and weeds. Your grass will also be growing at a slower pace, so now is the time to be more relaxed with your mowing regime, and only mow when the turf needs it. Depending on the type of lawn you have you may only need to mow once a month!


  1. Be wary of frost

It's important to try to keep off your lawn whilst it's covered in frost as walking on the frozen grass blades can cause them to snap and the lawn becomes damaged. Frost occurs when low temperatures cause morning dew to freeze, this, in turn, can lead to leaf discolouration, stunted growth and sometimes the leaf to snap or break.


  1. Aerate

Soils often compact during the winter so it is important to aerate as the soil warms up. Compacted soil is more susceptible to diseases, weeds and brown patches due to the lack of nutrients that are able to penetrate the soil.

Read more about the importance of aeration here!


  1. Fertilise

Your lawn can and should be fertilised during winter to ensure it has all the appropriate nutrients to keep it green and healthy throughout the colder months. This being said, a different type of fertiliser should be used at this time of year, winter fertilisers typically contain higher levels of iron which will strengthen your lawn and keep the leaves healthy and happy.

Our Coochie fertiliser mix includes iron as well as plenty of other nutrients to keep your lawn looking its best this winter!


  1. Less water

Overwatering in winter can leave your lawn vulnerable to fungi and diseases. Only water when the lawn is visibly dry, and only water in the early morning until the frost is removed from the leaf.

Having too much water in your soil can also lead to compaction, meaning you may need to aerate more frequently.


  1. Get on top of weeds

Weeds take advantage of the low growth rate of your grass during winter and overrun your lawn. Winter weeds germinate at lower soil temperatures and weeds such as Bindi and broad-leafed weeds can be relatively easily controlled with the help of some pre-emergent herbicides.

At the end of the day winter lawn care isn’t any harder than any other seasons, small adjustments just need to be made to cater for the changing conditions. If you are ever unsure about the state of your lawn, or are wondering if there is more you could be doing for your lawn, get in contact with your local Coochie HydroGreen technician for the industry leading service and advice!

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