8 Reasons to Franchise In Adelaide

Published : 03/19/2021

Less than half of Australians like their job, the long hours, annoying coworkers, demanding boss, and a busy commute are some of the most common reasons for this. Can you relate to this? Are you considering starting on a new career path? You should consider becoming a Coochie HydroGreen franchisee! Not convinced? Read on to find out why…


1 Be Your Own Boss

Dealing with the tantrums of your boss is something everyone has to deal with, for some more regularly than others. Having someone to constantly be replying to can become a drag. With Coochie you’ll be in the driver’s seat of your business, we have a tried and tested product and guaranteed result, not just for lawns, but for your business as well!


2 Work to Your Own Schedule

With Coochie Hydrogreen you make your own schedule. Maybe you have school aged kids and don’t want to work after school ends so you can spend time with them, or maybe you’re a night owl who doesn’t rise until the late hours of the morning, when you’re your own boss you work is flexible to your schedule.

As your customer base grows you may consider bringing on employees who can take care of operations for you, meaning you will have more time for holidays and relaxing.

3 Large Service Area

We guarantee a service area that is your own, exclusive territory. For most, the service area is a community they have lived in for years, your customers will be your neighbours, friends and family, people who want to see you succeed. Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours.

4 Take Advantage Of An Untapped Market

There are currently no Coochie HydroGreen franchises in South Australia, you will be the sole trader. We have had huge demand in Adelaide recently, by being the only franchisee in the region you will receive plenty of business!

5 Always Advertising

Being a part of a franchise has many benefits, for example a dedicated marketing and advertising team. You also have the opportunity to advertise for your business yourself if you wish, (you are the local expert after all!) but rest assured, you’re business will not go unnoticed with our advertising approach.


6 Work as Part of a National Franchise with an Excellent Reputation

We all know starting a business can be difficult, there are many administration things you don’t think about when starting up and suddenly you find yourself doing more paperwork than the work you set out to do. Working as part of a franchise offers support you wouldn’t be given when starting a business independently and has structures in place to streamline the process.

Backed by a fantastic team at head office you will be given all the advice and support to run your own business from top to bottom. Truly they work to help you.

7 Full Training

Another perk of owning your own franchise means you will receive the supplies and training needed to succeed. An expert will teach you the tools of the trade and ensure you are doing your job safely and professionally.

Our Lawn Care Program is similar to KFC’s 11 secret herb and spices. Only Coochie HydroGreen franchisees get to know the secret to create a great Coochie lawn. Full training is included upon purchase of your own region.

8 Guaranteed Income Of $55,000+ In Your First Year

If you have made it to point 8 you will have everything needed to be a successful business owner. We have proven time and time again that our product and business model works. We are so confident in ourselves that if you don’t meet your first year’s goal of $55K in turnover we will top you up with our income guarantee.

P.S. You’ll probably make a lot more than $55K


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