How to Get Lawn Stripes

Published : 11/09/2023

Seeing people with lawn stripes? Wondering how to get stripes in your lawn? Creating the perfect lawn stripes might seem like a daunting task, but it's more manageable than you might think. To start, a healthy and thick lawn is essential, as the stripes won't appear as striking on a patchy or discoloured surface. Focus on making sure your lawn is healthy (our Lawn Care Program can help with that!) first before aiming to get stripes in your lawn.

Understanding the Science Behind Lawn Stripes

The secret behind these eye-catching stripes lies in the reflection of light off the grass blades. Blades bent towards you appear dark, while those bent in the opposite direction seem lighter, producing the distinct striped effect. To achieve this, mow your lawn in the desired stripe direction. For instance, if you prefer them to run parallel to the curb, maintain the mowing pattern in that direction, ensuring the first pass aligns with the curb and the subsequent passes go back and forth in opposing directions.

Creating Unique Patterns for a Professional Look

While mowing in a straight line is crucial, utilizing a striping kit or a roller can significantly enhance the pronounced appearance of the stripes. Consider planning the pattern beforehand, sketching out the layout of your lawn to ensure a well-coordinated design. With various possibilities, including stripes, checkerboards, and diamonds, you can create a sophisticated and professional appearance. For that extra touch, using a lawn roller can further enhance the visual impact of your lawn stripes, leaving your lawn looking like a professional sports field.

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