Best Way to Water Your Lawn

Published : 02/24/2021

Automating your watering now will help your lawn stay green and healthy year-round. Routine is key when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy, it will be healthier and looking greener by the day with a good watering routine.

The best time to water is in the morning, watering at this time allows for your soil to affectively absorb the water before the midday sun begins to evaporate it. Watering later in the afternoon means your lawn will have less time to photosynthesize and you’ll find your lawn isn’t making effective use of the water you are providing, meaning you’ll have to water for longer and more often. Watering in the late afternoon or at night can also create a damp environment, enticing nasty lawn diseases and grubs, which will ultimately do more harm than good.

Timing your watering will also ensure you are complying with water restrictions and not over watering your lawn, which can cause trouble for your turf. You can buy watering timers, some of which can connect to an app on your phone, from any good garden supply shop.

Water restrictions have already been put in place in some local councils to conserve Australia’s water supplies, this can make keeping your garden green more difficult. The soil moisture retainers and wetting agents that are included in the Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program give your lawn the basis it needs to grow to be healthy and resilient and make the most of the water you give it!

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