Coochie HydroGreen Townsville Now Open - Meet the Bailey's!

Published : 02/17/2022

We are excited to announce we have expanded our service areas to include the Townsville region, this new service region is owned and operated by our newest franchisees – Tyrell and Ash Bailey. Coochie HydroGreen Townsville services all of the greater Townsville region and will provide ongoing maintenance of Townsville lawns through our Lawn Care Program.

Tyrell and Ash both worked in mining for a number of years before having their first daughter a few years ago. Ash transitioned into being a stay-at-home mum, while Tyrell continued to work. This was tough on their family as Tyrell was driving over 6 hours to work on a week on week off basis. This sparked a move to Townsville in July of 2021 to be closer to Tyrell’s work.
Although home was now closer to work, Tyrell was still spending the majority of his week away from his family. The lack of family time wasn’t ideal for their young, growing family and the plan was always for Tyrell to “come home”. This sparked the idea to purchase their own business. That’s when they stumbled across Coochie HydroGreen!

After a number of preliminary phone calls with our CEO and a detailed review of the Coochie HydroGreen business information memorandum they both decided to give it a go. Tyrell contacted Coochie to get the ball rolling. They then carried out their due diligence which included speaking to a number of other Coochie Franchisees. Once they were satisfied with their enquires they made the call to officially join Coochie and begin the franchising process.

After completing all necessary accreditations and our training program, Tyrell had the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running in Townsville.

Their eldest daughter has recently turned 3 and is beyond excited Dad is now home and able to tuck her in every night, something she had never experienced. They are excited to see where this new chapter takes them and Ash told the team at Head Office “even though we are only fresh into our new adventure, we know this has been the best decision for our young family.”

This purchase of a Coochie HydroGreen Franchise has not only improved the Bailey's work-life balance, but has meant that they are now building a valuable asset that will continue to grow both in profitability and value over the coming years. Ash and Tyrell Bailey are welcome additions to our ever-expanding network of franchisees in Queensland and we are keen to see their growth from a greenfield to mature business over the coming years.

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