Figuring out Frost

Published : 06/20/2019

Darwin will maintain a steady minimum temperature of 20 degrees this week, something Canberrans can only hope for with the mercury dropping down to -4 and staying there. Whilst the cold weather feels like punishment enough, what effect does freezing temperatures have on our lawns?

Certain turfs are designed with the tropical warmth of QLD in mind whilst others are grown for the rugged, freezing winters in the south. And whilst the variety of grass you have can impact it's survival during the colder months, how you look after it is equally important.

Frost occurs when low temperatures cause morning dew to freeze, this, in turn, can lead to leaf discolouration, stunted growth and sometimes the leaf to snap or break.

When frozen, grass blades are unable to photosynthesize which means they cannot produce 'food' from the sun which can cause yellowing or discolouration of your lawn. Regular Coochie HydroGreen treatments can combat the ill-effects of cold weather by preparing your lawn for winter with a strong root system and a helping hand of nitrogen to help lawns retain their green colour.

It's important to try to keep off your lawn whilst it's covered in frost as walking on the frozen grass blades can cause them to snap and the lawn becomes damaged.

But don't panic, like all things weather associated, lawns can be repaired or even repair themselves as soon as spring hits and the weather warms up.



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