Grass Guide – Palmetto Buffalo

Published : 11/29/2021

Palmetto Buffalo is a soft, broad leaf variety of lawn. The coarse textured buffalo grass has dark green leaves 8-9 mm wide. This variety, like other varieties of Buffalo grows a deep root system, giving it fair drought and wear tolerance.

Palmetto Buffalo is the best-selling Buffalo variety in the world. It is low maintenance and hardy, making it a great choice for Australian families.

A striking trait of Palmetto is its distinct dark emerald colour which it holds through winter. With its deep-rooted system, Palmetto Buffalo is an efficient water user and is drought tolerant.


For your lawn to look good and have less frequent mowing, Palmetto turf is the best choice.

In fact, Palmetto turf can be left a lot longer without any maintenance or mowing and won’t grow too tall, untidy or be invasive compared to other Buffalo varieties.

During warmer months it is recommended that you mow Palmetto every 7-10 days and every 3-6 weeks in colder months.


Once Palmetto’s roots are fully established you can water thoroughly only when needed – such as when a slight wilting is visible. Palmetto can be watered once every 7-10 days during summer (on sandy soils more often) and much less in cooler months. In fact, infrequent, deep watering promotes a healthy Palmetto lawn.

Weeds, Pests & Diseases

Palmettos dense growth makes it hard for weeds to invade, but it can still occur.

When weeds begin popping up in your Palmetto lawn hand eradication is advised before seed heads develop. If you don’t spot it until after seed heads have sprouted, a suitable herbicide will do the trick.

Be sure to use a herbicide that is safe for buffalo grasses as any application of weed killers, especially Broadleaf herbicides may damage or kill buffalo, leaving brown patches all over your lawn. This is due to the same principle being used to attach the herbicide to the leaves of the weed can work in the same manner when applied to Buffalo.

Palmetto grass has a high resistance to pests, but it is recommended to watch for Army Worm and African Black Beetle during the warmer months.

Palmetto Buffalo is fairly resistant to disease, however one that you may see popping up on your lawn is Brown Patch. You can read more about Brown Patch here.

When working with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, it is best to bring in a professional to avoid doing more damage to your lawn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your perfect lawn with Coochie HydroGreen. Click the Get a Quote button to get in touch with your local technician today!

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