Grass Guide – Sapphire Buffalo

Published : 12/07/2021

Sapphire Buffalo has a medium textured leaf in comparison to other Buffalo varieties. Mature Sapphire leaves fold in on themselves lengthwise, creating a finer texture. As the name would indicate, Sapphire has a blue-green colour that holds well throughout winter. The grass ty


pe has excellent heat tolerance in high and low humidity areas but grows best at moderate temperatures between 20–30°C.

Sapphire Buffalo was bred in Australia from the Australian Sir Walter Buffalo turf variety. Sapphire Bufalo has been found to be the number one soft leaf buffalo for shade tolerance. With the ultimate luxury feel, Sapphire Buffalo requires less mowing is hard-wearing as well as being drought tolerant.

When comfort is a top priority, along with less maintenance, any homeowner who loves a good-looking lawn can’t go past Sapphire Buffalo.


Mowing height will vary depending on the conditions of the lawn. If the lawn is grown under full sunlight, it can be mown to 3.5 to 4.5 cm, but in a more shaded area 5 to 6 cm is more appropriate.

Sapphire Buffalo requires less mowing than Couch varieties, Kikuyu varieties and other Buffalo varieties.


Watering Sapphire in the morning will lead to considerably less watering costs.

Infrequent, deep watering is preferred by this grass type. During summer water twice weekly, and once a week in winter. Deeply rooted Sapphire Grass has a larger soil-water bank to draw moisture from and this will help the grass survive during tough drought conditions.

Weeds, Pests & Diseases


Sapphire has a strong resistance to pest and weeds so it has reduced herbicide and chemical requirements.

When weeds begin popping up in your lawn hand eradication is advised before seed heads develop. If you don’t spot it until after seed heads have sprouted, a suitable herbicide will do the trick.

Be sure to use a herbicide that is safe for buffalo grasses as any application of weed killers, especially Broad leaf herbicides may damage or kill buffalo, leaving brown patches all over your lawn. This is due to the same principle being used to attach the herbicide to the leaves of the weed can work in the same manner when applied to Buffalo.

Sapphire grass has a high resistance to pests, but it is recommended to watch for Army Worm and African Black Beetle during their peak periods.

Sapphire Buffalo, similar to all Buffalos, is fairly resistant to disease, however one that you may see popping up on your lawn is Brown Patch. You can read more about Brown Patch here.

When working with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, it is best to bring in a professional to avoid doing more damage to your lawn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your perfect lawn with Coochie HydroGreen. Click the Get a Quote button to get in touch with your local technician today!

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