Grasses 101 - Eureka Kikuyu

Published : 02/06/2021

Eureka Kikuyu is a proven performer across most Australian climates, it is a determined grower that can withstand harsh conditions with ease.

Eureka Kikuyu is a rapidly growing, dense turfgrass. It can deal with wear easily and when damaged will quickly repair itself. This is due to its strong root base that digs deep into your soil. With this type of root system Eureka Kikuyu is able to easily coast through summer heat waves.

The complex root system of Eureka Kikuyu makes it a great erosion controller. Its rapid speed of its runners means it is fantastic for planting out large areas of grass. This rapid growth also makes it very resistant to lawn diseases.


Eureka Kikuyu is a bright green with medium sized leaves. They are quite coarse and are approximately 4-5mm wide and 25-35m long, with regular mowing they are able to maintain a tight mat growth pattern that makes it hard for weeds to grow.

It will maintain its summery appearance through most of the year but does not tolerate frost well and you will find it browning off after the first frosty night of the season. But it will spring right back as the warmer months return.


Although Eureka Kikuyu is very tough and resilient, it is high maintenance. It needs regular watering, but cannot withstand constantly damp soil, it loves sunlight and will need to be mowed every 5-7 days during its growth periods. With regular fertilizing and lawn care treatments, it shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

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