Grasses 101 – Tiftuf

Published : 02/21/2021

TifTuf is one of the most suited turf varieties for Australian conditions. This warm season variety can remain green throughout winter and bounces back as the weather warms at a considerably faster rate than other couch varieties in the spring. This combined with its high drought resistance and durability makes it a fantastic lawn choice for any Australian lawn.

TifTuf can establish itself within 7 days of being laid with a fraction of the water other couch varities require. It can grow in most soil types including clay, sand, alkaline or acidic. This along with its high wear and tear resistance makes it ideal for a range of applications, both residential and commercial.

Its leaves are a fine, deep green colour with dense growth. It is able to handle high traffic but provides soft leaves, something that most other turfgrasses can’t offer.

TifTuf is also very low maintenance, it needs on average 38% less water than other couch varieties and has high shade tolerance. Like most other drought resistant turf varieties, it prefers soil with proper irrigation and drainage.

It can tolerate the shade but prefers the sun, when it is too shaded it may start to wilt and brown off.

Like all turf types TifTuf still needs to be properly maintained, regular fertilization and watering is integral to it maintaining its green leaves year-round. Our Lawn Care Program provides 6-in1 liquid treatments that fertilize and care for your lawn, all that’s left for you is occasional watering and mowing. We treat all varieties of lawn, for your free assessment and quote get in contact today!

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