How to Prevent Weeds

Published : 02/17/2021

If you have read any of our Weedy Wednesday articles, you would know that the best way to treat weeds is prevention. A lush, healthy lawn provides the best defence against weeds and pests if you keep a happy, well-maintained lawn you shouldn’t ever see weeds popping up in your lawn.

But this can be hard to do, lawn maintenance can be costly and time-consuming if you don’t have the knowledge to do it correctly. And sometimes your DIY lawn maintenance attempts can cause more harm than good, ending with burns and dead patches all over your lawn.

Weed prevention is easy with good lawn maintenance habits. These include proper fertilizing, mowing and watering. As well as diligently keeping an eye out for weeds, and attacking them as soon as they sprout. Many common lawn weed seeds can lay dormant in your soil for years before sprouting, so even if you think that you have gotten rid of all the weeds in your lawn, you may find some popping up months later.


Fertilising is important as it ensures your lawn receives the correct nutrients to remain healthy and continue growing. To properly fertilise it is important to understand the life cycle of your lawn, the type of lawn it is, and the condition of the soil it is planted in. the use of incompatible fertilisers may cause damaging fungal infections that can make it easy for weeds to sprout.


Watering correctly is important as well, you need to time your watering to maximize the amount of time your lawn has to absorb the water's nutrients. Water early in the morning during the warmer months so your lawn has time to absorb the water before the sun evaporates it. Watering too frequently or at the wrong times may cause your lawn to become waterlogged, which can lead to soil compaction and fungal infections, which can in turn damage your lawn and end with weeds sprouting.


Mowing too low or not often enough can also bring weeds to your lawn. If you neglect to mow your lawn you will find your lawn needs more watering and it will become weak, and therefore more susceptible to weeds. Mowing too often will deplete the nutrients in your lawn and can increase thatch. Mowing your lawn too low can also make it easier for weed seeds to reach your soil and germinate.

Our Lawn Care Program provides expertly applied reactive and preventative weed treatments that will keep your happy, healthy and weed-free. Get in contact to learn more!

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