Low Mow Grass - Fescue

Published : 01/22/2021

According to Domain; low maintenance home ownership is becoming more and more popular. Australian homeowners would rather socialize and relax during their time away from work than maintain their gardens and homes. As a result of this new trend, turf breeders have been developing lawn grasses that require less maintenance.

“Low-mow” lawn types are a good option for Aussie homeowners, they are a traditional ground covering that is still good for kids and pets, but without the hassle of mowing every other week. Australian’s often struggle with their lawns dying off over the summer period, the hot sun and increased traffic during the warmer seasons causes harm to the lawn that is hard to recover from. A solution to this problem is installing a low-mow grass. Low-Mow Grasses often times are lower maintenance than traditional lawn grasses, requiring less mowing, watering and fertilising.

One example of a Low-mow grass is fine fescue grass types. These grasses are green, lush and naturally slow growing. Most fescue owners mow their lawns 4-5 times a year, but again, if you don’t mind a shaggy look you could be mowing your lawn once or twice a year.

Fine fescue is self-repairing and produces a thick, even, soft lawn. It thrives in colder climates and can be seen in gardens in all states and territories over the south of the country. Fine fescue is very resistant to frost, so it is unlikely to see it dying off over the colder months of the year.  It is shade tolerant but can also withstand full sun with regular watering and fertilizing.

It also has the ability to grow in sandy soils, so it is a great option for your harder to maintain areas. However, they cannot tolerate poorly drained or persistently damp soils and are more prone to fungal issues.

This lawn type is also prone to developing thick thatch as the lawn matures, which can cause irrigation problems.

Fescue Lawns are fantastic if you want a great looking lawn without the hassle of mowing. But they will still require lawn care such as weeding, watering and fertilizing. To maintain your low maintenance lawn lifestyle, these jobs can be outsourced to Coochie HydroGreen. Our Lawn Care Program includes bimonthly visits where wetting agents, fertilisers, and weed and pest treatments will be applied to keep your lawn looking lush and green. All that will be left for you to do is water your lawn regularly.

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