Noxious Weeds Rundown

Published : 02/15/2021

A noxious weed is a weed that has been identified by the Australian Government as a serious threat to the native biodiversity of Australia. These weeds are generally an ongoing cost to Australian agriculture through killing livestock and plants.

Generally, plants that have been placed on the invasive species register are weeds that have invaded natural landscapes, waterways, and agricultural land. Weed management costs the Australian economy $4 billion yearly and weeds are considered the second greatest threat to biodiversity, after land clearing.

Nearly half of the noxious weeds on the Australian register have been deliberately introduced to the ecosystem, a third of which were intended to be ornamental garden plants.

Thirty-two weeds have been placed on the Weeds of National Significance register, this is a list of the most problematic plant species in Australia, they are ranked upon their invasiveness, impacts, their potential for spread and socioeconomic and environmental values.

Some common examples of these weeds include BlackBerry, Prickly Pear, Silver Nightshade, Alligator Weed, and Bridal Creeper.

Landowners and managers at all levels are responsible for the management of these weeds. Our Lawn Care technicians can offer expert weed management advice, get in contact today to learn more!

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