Six Annual Treatments

Published : 02/20/2021

If you have heard the Coochie HydroGreen name you have surely heard of our Lawn Care Program. The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program provides your lawn with our unique 6-in-1 treatment, designed specifically for your lawn, and applied at precise stages throughout the year.

Our programmed solutions are scientifically designed and proven to deliver results throughout all seasons and geographical locations. Your local technician can provide expert lawn care advice and recommend the best products for your needs. Your technician’s specialist application of our lawn treatments will make your lawn the best on the block.

Starting with a 10-point lawn assessment, your technician will identify the key nutrients your lawn is lacking. Then they’ll give you regular, scheduled visits and apply the correct balance of nutrients, organic fertilisers and safe pest and weed control measures. In 6 annual visits your technician will be able to apply preventative and curative treatment, because when it comes to turf, prevention of problems is the best solution.

Our program comes with a service warranty, no lock in contracts and the expert advice of a trained professional at every visit. It’s a sure-fire solution to give you a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy throughout the seasons.

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