Subtropical Lawn Diseases

Published : 03/12/2021

Subtropical climates are the areas adjacent to the tropics, in the southern hemisphere, these regions are typically 20-40 degrees south of the equator. This zone covers the eastern Australian coastline from the central coast through to Brisbane, and as far north to Mackay.

Lawns in these regions are fast-growing and have a rich green colour due to the heat and regular rainfall. This, however, when combined with the humidity of the region can make subtropical lawns more prone to disease and pests.

Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, and Grey Leaf Spot are commonly found lawn diseases throughout the region.

Dollar Spot, as the name suggests, can be identified by its dollar-sized spots of discoloured grass appearing throughout your lawn. This is oftentimes caused by high humidity, additional moisture, low nitrogen levels and dry soil. When left untreated this can spread throughout your lawn, causing large dead patches that will require your turf being relayed to fix.

Brown Patch can be identified by its brown, discoloured, circular patches that can range from a few centimetres to a metre in diameter. This disease is caused by high humidity and excessive moisture, making subtropical lawns particularly susceptible to it.

Grey Leaf Spot appears as small brown lesions along the leaves of your turf. These enlarge rapidly to cover the entire leaf and become blueish-grey in colour. Grey Lead Spot is the most severe during warm, humid weather and when the turf is stressed by various factors including drought, soil compaction and excessive nitrogen.

Each of these diseases can quickly spread throughout your lawn resulting in hard to repair damage and the relaying of your turf.

These diseases can be avoided through good lawn care habits, regular dethatching, aeration, and proper fertilization. Lawn Care can be easy with the Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program, our 6 annual visits will ensure your turf has all the nutrients it needs to protect itself from weeds, diseases and pests, and your lawn is properly taken care of year-round.




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