Water Efficient Lawns

Published : 12/03/2019

Who doesn't love a lush green lawn? Keeping your lawn weed-free and green all year round is our specialty, but during a drought or periods of dry weather, our speciality is in keeping your lawn alive, healthy and more water-efficient.

Our Lawn Care Program isn't a one-off fix for a bad, dry or grub infested lawn. Our Lawn Care Program includes 6 treatments over 12 months to pump your lawn full of nutrients, soil conditioners and wetters to make sure your lawn has the best possible chance to survive a drought.

So, during periods of water restrictions and sustained dry weather, our treatments will help make your lawn more water-efficient so that it can make the most of the water it does get, and it will remain healthy (even if it's not a deep lush green) during the summer months.




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