Weedy Wednesday - Bindii

Published : 03/17/2021

Bindii is a low growing, creeping, annual weed. It is widely spread across mainland Australia and most of the world, gaining many local names including Onehunga in New Zealand and Jo-Jo Weed. It is possibly the most annoying weed due to the pain it causes when stepped on with bare feet and its creation of “Bindii Patches” which make sections of our lawns unusable.

It can be identified by its small yellow flowers and spiny, hard, green fruits. Its stems can be up to 1m long and its tap root can grow deep into your soil, making removal a hard task.

The plant produces flowers in Autumn and Winter and will sew its seeds in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. Bindii seeds are often spread on the fur of animals or via foot traffic, making it easy for the plant to cover your lawn if not dealt with in its first year.

The weed can be found in almost any grass but is often found in parks and ovals and other high use areas.

The best time to remove Bindii is in late winter or early spring, before the seeds have hardened. Small seedlings can be hand pulled and fruit can be removed from larger plants, be sure to properly dispose of these however as they can easily resew themselves in your lawn.

Herbicides are the most effective during the seedling stage, however you must be sure you have eradicated the entire plant and all of its seeds as even a single seed can resprout and undo your hard work.

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