Weedy Wednesday - Bull Thistle

Published : 11/18/2020

The Bull Thistle weed has earned the title of noxious and invasive in many areas. It has been known to inhibit livestock movement and cause physical injury to animals. Characterized by their spine covered stems and purple flower, they are very common along our east coast, sprouting biennially from South-Eastern Queensland all the way to Tasmania.

The Bull Thistle is tough and can tolerate a wide range of conditions, from moist to dry soil. It prefers disturbed areas, tending to grow along fence lines, roadsides, and over-grazed pastures. Managing the Bull Thistle can be a challenge as mowing is only effective after the weed has flowered.

Chemical treatment is recommended to prevent Bull Thistles growing on your lawn, our Lawn Care Program provides effective treatment. Click here to connect with your local technician and book a quote today.


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