Weedy Wednesday - Creeping Indigo

Published : 03/03/2021

Creeping Indigo (Indigofera Spicata) is an annual herbaceous plant. It can be identified by its creeping stems, small pink and orange flowers. It contains the toxins 3-nitropropionic acid and indospicine, which can have great adverse effects on many animals eg. Lethargy or weakness, loss of appetite, balance problems, and in extreme cases, death . This weed is widely seen throughout the subtropical climates of south-eastern and coastal Queensland, such as the Moreton Bay region, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. It can also be seen in northern parts of the Northern Territory.

Creeping Indigo is very persistent and can and will grow everywhere and anywhere. It will commonly grow in lawns, gardens, footpaths and roadsides, and can take over an entire lawn within 6-months!

This weed reproduces by seed, which is normally dispersed by mowers, contaminated soil, and animals.

Its long taproot makes manual removal very difficult, and the rate at which it overtakes a lawn can mean you can spend days pulling weeds and not be finished. Watch this video to see Adam, our technician in Maroochydore pull a Creeping Indigo weed from a new customers lawn.

Many herbicides can kill Creeping Indigo temporarily. This is because the deep taproot requires a slow kill herbicide. When treated too quickly Creeping Indigo will shut down, protecting its roots from the herbicide. Using this method will clear your lawn of the weed’s flowers, but you will see it popping up a few weeks later.

Our Lawn Care Program includes reactive and preventative weed treatments. These will treat Creeping Indigo effectively and will prevent it from sprouting up on your lawn again. Get in contact to book your free assessment and quote today!

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