Weedy Wednesday - Crested Goosefoot

Published : 04/07/2021

Crested Goosefoot (Chenopodium pumilio) is a low growing annual weed. It can be found across all states and territories and is native to Australia. Crested Goosefoot can be identified by its thick growth, aromatic leaves with a minty odor when crushed, as well as its small, crumb like flowers that grow at the base of its leaves.

This weed is summer growing and flowers commonly between January and May. It thrives in Subtropical, temperate and arid regions, making it a weed many Australians have seen in their gardens.

Crested Goosefoot contains toxins that when ingested can harm livestock such as sheep.

Crested Goosefoot often times grows close to the ground, but in summer months can grow up to 30cm high. It spreads its seeds via the wind, keeping an eye out for higher growths will indicate when treatment should happen.

Chemical treatment is best when it comes to Goosefoot, spraying early is required to reduce the effects of the allelopathic chemicals it contains. These chemicals encourage the germination and growth of other common weeds. Non-selective herbicides work best as it will also kill any weeds that have been affected by the allelopathic chemicals Crested Goosefoot produces.

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