Weedy Wednesday – Crowsfoot Grass

Published : 12/02/2020

Crowsfoot (Eleusine Indica) is known by many different names across many different regions. Crowsfoot grass is not a true member of the grass family but does grow similar blade-like leaves covered in fine hairs. It is easy to identify, staying flat to the ground with white flat stems and smooth bladed leaves. Crowsfoot is common throughout most Australian states including Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Crowsfoot Grass is a summer annual weed that can be extremely hard to manage as it can handle harsh conditions well. It thrives in nutrient deprived, compacted soil conditions, and can tolerate low mowing. It is most commonly found in all types of disturbed soil, which includes your lawn. The plant begins to set seed when soil temperatures reach about 15°C and will grow extremely quickly once active.

The best way to treat Crowsfoot is practicing good grass management. New seedlings form in spring in dead and damaged patches of your grass, thick, healthy lawns do not offer hospitable soil for the Crowsfoot Grass to grow in. Our Lawn Care Program ensures your grass will stay healthy year-round with 6 annual lawn treatments, catered to the season and your lawns needs. Find out more here!

Hand-weeding is the least invasive way of controlling Crowsfoot Grass; however, you have to be careful and diligent to ensure you remove the entire plant and don’t spread any seeds during the process.

A less tedious solution to this is chemical treatments. Using chemical weed treatments on your lawn can be dangerous, as anything the product touches will die. It’s definitely best to leave it to the professionals here. Our one off lawn weed treatments will quickly and easily remove any weeds while keeping your lawn happy!

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