Weedy Wednesday - Flick Weed

Published : 07/07/2021

Flick Weed (Cardamine Hirsuta) is a small, annual weed that is commonly found in the temperate climates of South east Australia, particularly in the Newcastle and Central Coast regions of NSW and across all of Victoria. This weed germinates over winter and is very noticeable in early spring when it is in its peak flowering period. Flick Weed reproduces very quickly, often setting seed and regrowing in a matter of weeks.

Flick Weed can be identified by its slender stems and white, cross shaped flowers. These flowers eventually form seed pods that can be very easily ruptured and can spread over 3m across your lawn.

Flick Weed is adapted to moist, disturbed soils and will emerge wherever you irrigate. It is seen in potted plants, ornamental garden beds, and lawns (where it can quickly form expansive mats that overrun your lawn).  This weed grows so fast and profusely that it is a hard task to remove the plant completely. You may find it popping up after watering or lots of rain.

The key to combatting Flick Weed is to break its seeding cycle. Spraying the plant with herbicides at regular intervals will avoid the weed germinating, flowering, and setting seeds. When working with herbicides it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid doing any damage to yourself and your lawn. Our Coochie HydroGreen technicians offer weed treatments that will rid your lawn of nasty weeds but help keep the rest of your lawn healthy.

Another way to combat Flick Weed is to prevent it growing in your lawn. Frequent mowing to remove flower stems, and increasing turf health and density through regular fertilisation can help prevent Flick Weed from appearing in your lawn. Our Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program features 6 seasonal visits where your local technician will apply our liquid 6-in-1 treatment that will encourage lawn health and greening. They can also provide mowing and watering advice to have your lawn happy and healthy year-round. Click here to learn more!

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