Weedy Wednesday – Kudzu

Published : 02/10/2021

Kudzu (Pueraria Montana) is an uncommon weed that can be found scattered through the coastal districts of Eastern Australia. It is mainly found in Queensland but can also be found along the coast of the Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales as well as on Norfolk Island. During summer Kudzu produces long, flat pods that contain several seeds.

Kudzu grows quickly and can smother ground covering plants, it has also been known to grow up the sides of buildings, covering buildings completely. It has the ability to compete with and eliminate native plant species and destroy the biodiversity of your garden through restricting the germination of plant seeds and reducing the amount of nutrients in your soil.

The weed is a large twining vine with thick stems that are often covered in brown hairs. It can be characterised by its purple, pea-shaped flowers and its very large leaves. Kudzu reproduces through runners and creeping underground stems that can grow to be 1.8 metres long.

kudzu | Weed Identification – Brisbane City Council

Although it is unlikely to see this weed growing in your lawn, it can quickly invade and overrun your lawn and surrounding garden.

Manual removal of this plant is not recommended, its long roots and high growth make it close to impossible to remove properly. There are also council restrictions on the disposal of this plant as its seeds can live after the plant has been removed and will be found sprouting wherever the plant is disposed.

Chemical control can be achieved through the use of a cut stump method. The cut stump method includes removal of the top of the plant and application of herbicide directly to the plants cut stump. This will kill the roots lying under the soil and will prevent new growth. Be sure to properly dispose of the plant when doing this to comply with council restrictions and avoid seed germination.

Prevention is key when dealing with this weed. Although it will not be growing in your turfgrass, if it is appearing in your garden beds it may be rooting under your lawn. Be diligent and quickly treat this weed to avoid any damage to your lawn.

Keeping your garden properly fertilised and applying preemergent herbicides can help prevent Kudzu from appearing anywhere in your garden. Our lawn care technicians can provide expert advice on how to properly do this! Get in contact today to find out more!

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