Weedy Wednesday - Lambs Tongue

Published : 03/31/2021

Lambs Tongue (Plantago lanceolata) is a common species of perennial weed. It is commonly found in all areas of Australia, but predominantly the eastern coast and southern states such as New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.  

This weed can be easily identified by its distinct veins on its broad leaves and long, thin flowering stems that carry a dense, brown seed head that somewhat resembles a microphone. It is commonly found in poor lawns, turfs, gardens, roadsides, and other high traffic areas.  


Its height during seeding allows for its seeds to spread quickly through the wind. Germination of this weed often occurs throughout the cooler months in late autumn and early winter.  

Smaller infestations can be easily removed from your turf by hand pulling. This can be completed any time in the year, but be sure to pull the entire plant as its deep tap root can be left behind by hand pulling, resulting in the plant reappearing a few weeks after you removed it.  

Spraying herbicides on this weed is effective in the early stages of growth, before the frost sets in in winter. However, when applying broad leaf herbicides you should be careful, as common lawns such as buffalo and couch can be easily killed if you apply it incorrectly.  

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