Weedy Wednesday - Mallow Weed

Published : 05/19/2021

Mallow weed is a commonly seen throughout Australia, with many subspecies adapting to the varying climates around the country. In Australia, the most common Mallow is Malva silvestris (tall mallow), M. neglecta ( dwarf mallow) and the impressive M. parviflora (small flowering mallow) is wide-spread throughout the continent, including arid inland and the tropics. You are bound to find mallow in your neighbourhood if not your garden.

The weed can have an annual, perennial or annual lifecycle. Mallow is a weed that has heart shaped leaves and pinkish-white flowers.

Mallow weeds are frequently found in open areas, gardens and new lawns. Mallow can wreak havoc on a lawn if given the chance to seed throughout, Mallow is particularly troublesome within new, unestablished lawns. If you have recently laid turf and are finding its riddled with flat, circular or heart shaped leaves, Mallow may be your problem! In some cases, this weed can sow seeds and completely overrun a new lawn before the owner even knows they have a weed problem. The good news is, often when this weed is found in a lawn or garden it indicates that the soil is very fertile.

Getting rid of this plant is not an easy task. Mature mallow weeds can be incredibly resistant to off the shelf herbicides. And its long taproot can make hand pulling a difficult task. Both methods of removal should be completed as early on in the weeds lifecycle as possible, and you should keep an eye on the area of removal in case it starts popping up again.

When working with herbicides it is better to leave it to the professionals to avoid burned lawn and accidental injury. Your local Coochie Technician can provide a weed spray that will target the Mallow in your lawn, while keeping your lawn happy and healthy.

A lush, healthy lawn is the best defence against Mallow weed. A healthy lawn will choke out the weed and not allow seeds to spread. The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program helps repair lawn damage and encourages healthy, green lawns year-round. Get in contact with your local technician to learn more!

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