Weedy Wednesday - Mullumbimby Couch

Published : 01/13/2021

Mullumbimby Couch (Cyperus Brevifolius) is a dense growing member of the Sedge family and was recently ranked among the 200 most invasive species in South Eastern Queensland. It is widespread throughout the tropics as well as subtropical and temperate regions across Australia. Mullumbimby Couch can be easily recognized by its long, three-sided, grass like foliage. It flowers year round with small light green seed heads.

Mullumbimby Couch prefers damp, shady patches and is most commonly found in footpaths, lawns, and roadsides. It spreads easily through seeding and creeping along the ground. It is particularly annoying as mowing this weed only aids it’s growth.

Physical removal options for this weed include slashing and mowing while the weed is not flowering, however this can be difficult to time correctly as this weed flowers year round. Mowing at the wrong time will allow the seeds to spread further than they naturally would have and will accelerate the weed invading your lawn. Similarly to any other member of the Sedge family, you need to act quickly if you spot this in your lawn. The weed can quickly overrun your lawn and its complicated root system can make it next to impossible to remove by hand.

Chemical treatment is the most desirable option for this weed as it flowers year round. However, this can also be difficult as there are very few herbicides that target Mullumbimby Couch without harming your lawn. These chemicals are best handled by professionals. Our Lawn Care Program includes seasonal weed treatments that will target and kill weeds without harming your lawn. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help your lawn, get in contact today!

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