Weedy Wednesday - Onion Weed

Published : 05/05/2021

Onion weed (Allium Triquetum) is a perennial weed with thin, strappy, grass like leaves. It is commonly seen as one of the worst weeds you can have sprouting up in your lawn due to its ability to survive.

Onion weed can be identified by its waxy, grass like weeds, as well as its white flowers and garlicy smell when crushed. The weed seeds in summer and autumn, they are spread mostly by the wind. The plant also grows in underground bulbs that detach from the mother plant when it is pulled, making physical removal tricky.

The weeds waxy leaves make chemical removal tricky as well. The texture of the leaves makes it hard for herbicides to stick to the leaves, and harder for it to affect the plant.

The first step of eradication of Onion weed is removing as many of the plants as possible. If possible, dig the weed-clump out of the ground and throw the entire clump away. Do not pull the plant out of the ground, or shake excess dirt back off into the hole or compost. The small bulblets tend to pull away from the mother plant when pulled, these will sprout back up within a matter of weeks, making the issue worse than it was.

The second step is to treat the area with non-selective herbicide. When working with non-selective herbicides it can be easy to kill the surrounding plants, so it is best to leave it to the professionals. Our specialty weed treatment will eradicate most lawn weeds without damaging your lawn, click the link to learn more!

As always, the best way to treat weeds is to prevent them, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to Onion weed. If you see Onion weed in your lawn is usually a sign that your soil is malnourished and is in need of some TLC. A healthy, lush lawn will prevent weeds from sprouting up and in the case of Onion weed, will out-grow the weed, naturally defending itself. With proper lawn care, you shouldn’t see Onion popping up. The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program ensures your lawn is healthy, happy and weed free year-round! Get in contact today to learn more.

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