Weedy Wednesday -Paspalum

Published : 01/06/2021

Pasaplum is a perennial grass that is found in the South Eastern regions of Australia. It can be identified by its broad, purple tinged leaves that stem from a central crown. Paspalum grows seed producing stems with spike-shaped heads at the end of their long upright stems.

Paspalum is found primarily in sparse, poor performing lawns and grows during the warmer months of the year, from late spring to early autumn. It spreads through your lawn via its seeds which easily stick to shoes, pets and other objects. It can grow to be over a metre tall but is highly adaptable and will change its growing habits when growing in a regularly mown lawn. When the lawn it is rooting in is mown regularly the plant changes from growing upwards to creeping along the ground.

Paspalum is one of the most hated weeds in the country, its low growth prevents mower blades from having an effect on it and once established is very difficult to treat. To make things even harder, treatment of this weed needs to be catered towards the type of grass it is growing in. It can be killed with herbicides in Couch lawns, Ryegrass, Bentgrass, and Fescue.

But commonly in Buffalo and Kikuyu lawns it cannot be killed with herbicide, this is means that homeowners are facing this problem constantly. It can be removed with a sharp knife at the base of the plant but prevention is a better solution.

Whether you are removing Paspalum from your lawn or preventing it from growing, our Lawn Care Program will give you the best results. Proper maintenance of your lawn will prevent weeds like Paspalum from sprouting, fixing the problem before it arises.

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