Weedy Wednesday - Pigweed

Published : 04/21/2021

Pigweed (Portulaca Oleracea) as many common names such as Pursula, Fatweed, and Pusley. This is best known as a weed, but is edible and high in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acid. This plant is commonly found in gardens, fields and poorly maintained lawns across mainland Australia. Pigweed can be seen growing densely after rains, so keep an eye out after this weeks rain.

Pigweed can be identified by its fleshy red stems and small paddle shaped leaves; the texture of this weed is similar to a succulent. During spring it will produce yellow, star shaped flowers.

The best method for eradicating this weed is hand pulling while the plant is still young. If the plant is allowed to grow to the seed stage they are able to spread their seeds some distance, infesting several parts of your lawn and garden. Typically, a single Pigweed plant will spread over a large area, so you can easily clear an entire area with minimal effort.

Removing Pigweed from your garden is the easy part of controlling this weed. Once it is removed, it can be seen sprouting up all over due to its multiple survival methods. The plant can re-root itself from any part of its stem and leaves, even a small piece of the plant left in the soil or your compost bin can result in new growth.

Once Pigweed has been removed, your best bet is to apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent any seeds from sprouting and undoing all of your hard work. Our Lawn Care Program applies a seasonal mix of reactive and preventative treatments that will do all the hard work for you, leaving your lawn lush, green and weed free year-round. For more information click here!

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