Weedy Wednesday - White Clover

Published : 01/27/2021

White Clover is a polarizing perennial weed, Aussie homeowners either love their pom-pom like flowers or hate them. The plant grows mostly in the South East of Australia but can be found in all temperate regions across the country.


For many gardeners, White Clovers were not intentionally planted, and removal is tricky. It is possible but requires the right tools and lots of patience.

The weed can be characterized by its sets of 3 tear-shaped leaflets and their cute pom-pom like flowers. Flowers will appear from Summer to Autumn and the plant grows close to the ground in a creeping pattern and will develop roots wherever a stem node touches the ground.

White Clovers are often an indicator of low nitrogen levels in your soil. Unlike your turfgrass, the plant can absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere, meaning that while your lawn is dying, Clovers will flourish. To prevent Clovers appearing in your lawn fertilise it with some nitrogen-rich fertiliser in the warmer months.

If you have suddenly found your lawn overrun with Clovers, killing them with chemical treatment is the best option. Keep in mind that treatment should be done annually as Clover seeds can lay dormant in your lawn for years.

Killing White Clover with herbicide can be dangerous as the only effective treatment is a non-selective herbicide, which will kill any other plant it touches. When it comes to treating weeds chemically, it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid killing your lawn.

Our LCP will not only kill off any weeds, but it will also properly fertilise your lawn to prevent Clovers popping back up

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