Weedy Wednesday – Winter Grass

Published : 11/25/2020

If you have an invasion of Winter Grass (Poa annua), you’ll want to treat it before it goes to seed.  If you allow it to drop its seeds, next winter it will be back twice as bad as this year.

Winter Grass is a low growing turfgrass. It has soft green leaves that grow in tufts with triangular-shaped seed heads. Winter Grass is an ugly weed that is common in Buffalo Grass and other turf types.


Winter Grass is very common in Australia and despite its name, it can grow year-round in cooler climates. Its green leaves and tufted growth can quickly overpower a lawn, turning what once was a beautiful lawn into a complete mess of weeds. You will start to see it emerging within your turf as the temperatures begin to decline and continue to spread throughout the Winter months.  Winter Grass germinates when the soil temperature reaches 12 degrees, so for many Australians, this will be in autumn and spring. It will typically seed during late spring, but due to its varying biotypes can seed year-round.

Prevention is the best way to combat Winter Grass infestations. Keeping a thick, dense lawn will reduce the chances of its development, and keeping your lawn healthy by regularly mowing and fertilizing can ensure a healthy turf. The best way to keep a healthy lawn is through our Lawn Care Program, with 6 annual visits and personalised treatment your lawn will be safe from weed invasions all year round.

Winter Grass can be removed by hand, the shallow roots and tufted growth pattern makes this possible, but removing it by hand can be incredibly tedious as Winter Grass can quickly overtake your entire lawn. You need to time this removal properly and ensure all plants are removed before they begin to seed, otherwise you will be removing weeds from your lawn every week.

Chemical treatment is a more preferable option, However, not all chemicals are suitable for Buffalo lawn and care needs to be taken when selecting a product to use. If the herbicide used isn’t suitable for Buffalo, then you can damage or kill your Buffalo grass by mistake. Again, correct timing in treatment is essential as if your lawn is treated at the wrong time of year there will be no effect on the weeds.

The Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program takes the stress out of weed removal, our trained lawn technicians use the right products on your lawn at the right time of the year to ensure Winter Grass is a thing of the past. Get in contact to book a free lawn assessment and quote.


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