What is Coochie HydroGreen?

Published : 02/04/2021

Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services provides professional lawn care designed to improve the health and appearance of commercial and residential lawns.

We are an Australian owned business that has been operating since 1996 and are currently servicing close to 20,000 customers across 90 regions nationwide. Our Lawn Care Program is designed to elevate the quality and resilience of your lawn through treatments provided by our trained technicians.


At Coochie HydroGreen, we take pride in giving Australian properties a top-of-the-line lawn treatment. Our Lawn Care Program involves a unique 6-in-1 treatment, designed specifically for each lawn and timed at specific stages throughout the year to improve lawn health and appearance. We serve Aussies in residential homes, as well as strata managers, commercial property managers and business owners.


Our Lawn Care Program involves 6 applications of our unique spray-on treatments a year which include:

  • Lawn Weed Identification and Selective Weed Spraying
  • Lawn Insect Pest Identification and Control
  • Organic Soil Conditioning
  • Liquid Fertilisation
  • Soil Moisture Retainers
  • Disease Monitoring and Treatment.


Treatments are applied in two monthly intervals in order to ensure the majority of weeds, lawn pests and disease are supressed through the application of preventive or curative products as well as to improve lawn and soil health.


Our Lawn Care Program comes with a service warranty that is valid once all 6 visits in a 12-month cycle have been completed. Our service warranty entitles our customers to warranty treatments in between their regular scheduled services if their lawn has been affected by weeds, lawn pests or disease. Our warranty is valid as long as the Lawn Care Program continues.

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