What is Xeriscaping?

Published : 02/25/2021

Xeriscaping is a landscaping process that aims to conserve water through creative landscaping. The term comes from the Greek word Xeros, meaning dry.

Xeriscaping has been embraced in dry regions of the western United States and is beginning to gain traction in the drier regions of Australia. The low need for irrigation makes this type of landscaping popular for Australians living in hot, dry climates, or in states with harsh water restrictions. Some Xeriscaped gardens have little need for watering beyond what its natural climate provides.


The financial and environmental benefits are popularising the Xeriscaping trend.

A lot of water is used up for gardening, integrating this technique can cut your water bill almost in half as Xeriscaping conserves drinking water.

Xeriscaping is also generally lower maintenance than keeping traditional ground coverings. You will still need to do some weeding and pruning and water from time to time.

Planting native plants is a key element of Xeriscaping, these plants have evolved over millions of years to thrive in your local conditions. By choosing these plants you will preserve the native biodiversity of your region and won’t run the risk of introducing harmful species.

Xeriscaping traditionally does not feature any turfgrass, but the potential is there. This type of landscaping can be tailored to fit your family and its lifestyle, and there are plenty of grass type suitable for all Australian climates. For example, TifTuf looks great and can withstand the harshest of elements. A small lawn can benefit the overall look of your Xeriscaped garden and bring environmental benefits such as lowering the temperature around your home and absorbing carbon dioxide, a great choice for this in northern regions is Zoysia, or Fescue for southern regions.

Whether you choose a traditional Australian lawn or a more modern Xeriscaped garden, your local lawn technician will be able to provide expert advice on how to best care for your turf. Get in contact today to learn more!

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