What Our Franchisees Are Saying About Us

Published : 09/10/2021

Aussies spend over 90,000 hours of their life at work, so it's not surprising that when we surveyed our customers, the majority of them are time-poor families who enjoy the convenience of Coochie HydroGreen to maintain their lawns when they just don't have time to. So with all those hours spent at work wouldn't you rather spend it working for yourself?

Need convincing? The results of our annual franchisee satisfaction survey are in.

One of our franchisees, Chris Mick, has been with the business for 7 years and has grown it to a point that he has been able to split and sell his region twice over whilst still operating and growing his territory in Rockhampton. Chris said in his satisfaction survey "We have learned so much and feel like we've grown with the company. No doubts that we would do it again."

Another franchisee, Ken Challis, has owned Coochie HydroGreen Albury Wodonga for 3 years and built it up from 0 to 330 customers in that time, he said "the transition from being a wage earner to being self employed is enormous. Company support and transparency in everything I hoped for, no smoke and mirrors just honest genuine support."

Recently our newest franchisee, Rowan who is a previous owner of 3 sandwich franchise stores said that the training and support he has received so far is up there if not better than one of the world’s leading franchises.

As a company we take pride in providing professional and timely support in all aspects of the business for our franchisees and feel extremely proud of the results they are achieving with our support.

So with all the uncertainty this year has brought, it’s time to jump into a job you love, that gives you the perfect work life balance, creates wealth and gives you financial certainty and security. There’s no time like the present, enquire here today!

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