3 Lawn Care Tips for a Rainy Day

Published : 03/26/2021

The east coast has had its fair share of rain over the last two weeks. Although rain is fantastic for your lawn, too much water can quickly become a problem, leading to diseases, increased pest activity, and new weeds sprouting up. Many lawn owners and home gardeners are keen to get out into their gardens and catch up on the gardening they missed due to the rain, but you should be wary of doing more damage to your lawn after the rain has stopped. Read on to learn about some common wet weather lawn mishaps and what they can do to your lawn.


  1. Avoid Mowing a Wet Lawn

Mowing wet grass can cause more harm than good, it is actually better to let your lawn grow long and shaggy than to mow it while it’s wet. This is because mowing your lawn while the grass and soil is still wet can cause soil compaction, ruts, and can stress the grass making growth harder.


  1. Stay off of Soaked Lawns

Similar to mowing, using or walking on your lawn before it is dry can lead to soil compaction. It can also pull out roots as the soil is more pliable making roots unstable. This can lead to dead patches of lawn, diseases, and weeds, and can only be aided by aeration and reseeding. To learn more about aeration, read this post.


  1. Improve the Drainage of Your Lawn

If water pools in certain areas of your lawn, you may have a drainage problem. If there is a drainage problem present, your lawn can become waterlogged. When your lawn is waterlogged less oxygen will be getting to your soil, which when left untreated, can actually  kill your lawn. Read more about caring for a waterlogged lawn here.

Lawns with poor drainage are also more prone to disease and pests, which can eat away at your lawn and cause long term or irreparable damage.


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