How to fix a waterlogged lawn

Published : 05/27/2020

All across the country we've suffered through a dry, hot drought for longer than we'd care to remember. However, as Victoria has just experienced the wettest start to a year on record, are you prepared for a wet winter?

Months of drought can compact your soil which means a) your lawn won't be able to pull up enough nutrients from the soil and b) when it does rain you may end up with a soggy, waterlogged yard. Here are some tips if you find yourself with a waterlogged lawn:

Aerate the soil

This means piercing your soil with small holes to improve drainage and add air into the soil, this not only fixes the problems of big puddles in your lawn but it also improves the conditions for your turf to grow in. When your soil is properly treated it means that the spray-on Coochie HydroGreen lawn treatments will perform better.

Collect the rainwater

Leave a rainwater collector such as a bucket or bin outside when it rains, then recycle this to water your lawn on drier days!

Keep an eye on disease

Wet, cold conditions make the perfect breeding ground for lawn diseases. Keep an eye on your lawn and if you notice any discolouration or patches in your turf contact Coochie HydroGreen for a free onsite lawn assessment.