4 Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs Coochie in Winter

Published : 06/15/2019

The Coochie Hydrogreen Lawn Care Program (LCP) is a year-round schedule of lawn care treatments. These are positioned throughout the year to ensure optimum lawn results. Keeping your lawns a lush green and weed, disease and pest free from summer through to winter.

As the weather cools down and you spend more time under the blanket than out on your deckchair you may ask yourself, "why am I still getting my lawn looked after?"

Well here is why.....

  1. The LCP is scheduled for 6 treatments each calendar year. These treatments are spread out slightly more during winter and occur more often during spring and summer. We know what your lawn needs and when it needs it
  2. Autumn and winter treatments are packed with pre-emergent herbicides which helps to reduce outbreaks of pesky weeds like bindii in spring
  3. Damp, colder conditions are the perfect environment for fungal diseases to thrive. To avoid dollar spot and moss taking over your lawn, regular treatments are advised but outbreaks can also be treated on the spot.
  4. The LCP comes with a warranty, which means if you have all 6 treatments during a calendar year and something in your lawn doesn't look quite right or you're not 100% satisfied then your local Coochie technician will come and spray free-of-charge.