6 Hose Hacks

Published : 02/09/2021

When your hose breaks, most people’s first instinct is to throw it away. But we know that there are tons of uses for hoses that aren’t just watering your garden! Here are six of our favourite hose hacks.

  1. Car Garage Bumpers

If your garage is a bit too small for your liking, garden hoses can be a great help. Cut segments of the hose and screw them to the walls in spots where your car may make contact. For example, where the doors open. The hose will act as a cushion, protecting your car from scraping the wall!

  1. Soaker Hose

Poking some holes in the end of an old hose can turn a regular hose into a garden soaker. Many gardeners prefer to soak the soil in their garden beds with a soaker hose rather than watering with a watering can. Soaker hoses are placed on the ground in the garden bed, allowing water to soak into the soil and water the roots of a plant, rather than its leaves and flowers.

  1. Protect Blades

Sliced hose lengths can be easily turned into blade sheaths. Measure the blade of the tools you want to cover and cut a length of hose to match each one. Then use a box cutter or utility knife to slice down the length of the hose. Slide the piece of hose over your blade and you’re done!

  1. Easy Gripping Water Buckets

You can use the same technique as above for many other things, one of our favorites being making easy grip bucket handles! Adding a piece of hose to the handle of your bucket will distribute the weight more fairly across your hands, meaning your hands won’t get sore as quickly!

  1. Protect Fingers from Swing Chains

Nothing hurts little fingers more than being pinched between chain links! Use segments of hose to cover the links in your backyard swing. You won’t have to worry about any fingers getting pinched anymore!

  1. In-Pot Watering System

Some plants prefer to collect water from deep within their root system but living in a pot makes this a bit difficult. Next time you repot your plant, place a segment of hose into your soil, leading to about halfway down your pot. When watering pour directly into the hose and the plant will do the rest!

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