Be Your Own Boss By Buying a Franchise.

Published : 05/04/2022

To own your own business is a massive decision. Trying to figure out whether you should start an independent business or buy a franchise can make things more confusing. There are many pros and cons to both options, but there are numerous reasons why opting for a franchise may be a good idea.

Reasons Why Buying a Franchise is a Beneficial Move

There are various ways you can have your own business. You can start one from scratch, look for an existing business for sale, or buy a franchise. Each has its benefits. Below are some reasons why the franchise route would be the better move.

  • There is a franchise for every business you can think of - There are so many franchises available in Australia. There is surely one that fits you to a tee. You simply have to decide what type of business you would like to go into. You can choose to have a business in pet grooming, groceries, plumbing, or go for a lawn care franchise.
  • All the groundwork is done – When you buy a franchise with Coochie, you get a business with an existing system. There are tried and tested systems in place. You will receive all the necessary training, guidance, assistance, and support you need to succeed. All you need to do is opt for a reputable franchise with an excellent track record. The odds of being successful are more than good. 
  • Help is close at hand at all times – When you buy a franchise, especially in a very lucrative business like weed removal services or lawn care, you will be getting a lot of support. Franchises have a strong support system that is built-in. The franchisor looks after the marketing, branding, advertising, and vendors. So they already have a well-established network. They have all the required software, products, financial processes, and price points as part of their package. It means you are not in it alone.
  •  You will become a part of an established brand – Opting for a franchise means you will become part of something that already possesses brand power. While buying a business for sale may also enable you to own an existing brand, franchises already have a well-recognized brand. So joining a known and reputable franchise with an excellent corporate image will help you connect with a customer base already familiar with the brand. 
  •  You are still the boss – Although buying a franchise with Coochie is very different from starting a business of your own or buying an already existing business, you still get to be the one to make big decisions. You run your franchise, manage schedules, as well as make valuable decisions. The main difference is that there are formulas and systems in place that you will have to follow to help your franchise be successful.
  •  You will receive comprehensive training – You will receive thorough induction and training to ensure that you will be well-prepared before you are handed the keys. The same goes with a lawn care franchise. You will get crucial on-the-job training and learn about all the policies vital to the business.

Deciding to buy a franchise like weed removal services or lawn pest control, for instance, is a great way to have your own business. It allows you to work with an existing brand name and corporate image, provides you with all the necessary support, and enables you to use a proven set of systems that will greatly improve your chances of success.