Benefits of Professional Lawn Grubs Treatment

Published : 09/21/2022

Grubs are the larvae of many beetles and live in the soil during most, if not all, of their life cycle. They are notorious for damaging or killing grass by feeding on its roots or stems. There are many ways to spot a larval infestation – the signs may vary slightly depending on the species of grub.

They are usually 1-1.5 inches long when fully grown, and the small, C-shaped body is covered in armour-like plates. Most feed on grass roots, but some species will feed on plant stems.

Also birds picking at the grass to feed on the grub is another identification piece. Increased bird activity on the lawn pecking at the grass is a common sign of lawn grub.

If you notice these signs, you should call a professional for lawn grubs treatment immediately.

Grubs can spoil the lawn and cause further damage if left untreated.

Let us see major benefits of expert Lawn grubs treatment by a professional service provider :

Grub Prevention with the help of professional Lawn grubs treatment :

A professional Lawn grubs exterminator will take steps to prevent them from infesting your lawn. Coochie’s treatment focuses on getting rid of soil insects, which means the larvae will not have an opportunity to feast on the roots. This prevents further damage to your lawn and also benefits the environment.

Expert lawn grubs spraying can save your lawn from severe damage. If your lawn is already infested, the larvae must be killed immediately in order to prevent them from destroying your grass and other plants. An expert will use pesticides and insecticides in a required quantity, along with a special machine, to kill off all grubs. This will help you save huge money on lawn repair and restore the beauty of your lawn as soon as possible. Getting your lawn grubs sprayed by a professional will provide you with long term benefits. The adult beetles may be killed and larvae may stop feeding on the roots, but the eggs left behind will hatch. This is why you should consider regular treatments to prevent future damage. A professional expert like Coochie will suggest what is the best  treatment and will also provide you with maintenance tips to keep the issue at bay. We will help you to know when to contact us again. Getting your lawn grubs treatment by a professional service provider will help you have a lush green lawn.

Post-Emergent Grub Control:

Professional grub control will spray preventative grub control products. This will keep new larvae from hatching and damaging your lawn. The products will also kill adult beetles. Lawn grubs are one of the major problems that can damage your lawn and plants. If this problem is not addressed at the right time, you may have to pay huge money for its repair.

Conclusion: Professional Lawn grubs treatment by Coochie HydroGreen can help you tackle the problem in the most efficient manner, contact us at 1800 245 955 email us at

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